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šŸ’° Discounts

For non-US clients, I'm willing to offer a discount based on theĀ Purchasing power parity factor
Don't hesitate to leave me a message via theĀ Contact FormĀ with info about your country of origin and I will get back to you with a discount code.

šŸ“ƒ License Agreement

License Agreement available atĀ Ā
The terms of refunds are described inĀ End User Licence of PayhipĀ

āš’ļø Supported IDE

This is the Personal License for MappingGenerator distributed as a Visual Studio Plugin (2017, 2019, 2022) and JetBrains Rider (only Windows OS).Ā Other versions of IDEs are NOT SUPPORTED at the moment.

āš ļø Before you decide to buy the MappingGenerator Pro license as the JetBrains Rider user,Ā please readĀ this note carefully.

šŸ”‘ License key delivery

After purchasing the license key you will get a TEXT file containing activation instructions, and End User License Agreement text.

šŸ’³ Payment issues troubleshooting

Sometimes your credit/debit might be immediately rejected by Paypal. Please try to read this guideline for troubleshootingĀ
Changing the email address might help.
You will get a TXT (4KB) file