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Productivity Boost Snippets for C#

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Why are you here?

Are you bored with typing similar code structures over and over again?

How many times did you need to google for the syntax of new or rarely used language features?

If these tasks are pulling you away from the truly important aspects of your development work, it's time for a change.

Introduce the power of efficiency into your coding with Productivity Boost Snippets - a curated list of Live Templates that was created based on 10+ years of experience with Resharper and Dotnet.

Never heard of Live Templates?

Live Templates is a code template engine embedded in the Resharper and Rider that simplifies the creation and usage of code snippets with placeholders and macros. You can learn more about it by reading Don't write dull code - Resharper Live Templates article or by checking the official documentation of this module for Resharper or Rider

Why Productivity Boost Snippets are easy to learn and use?

150 code snippets may sound like a lot, but fear not! We've designed our snippets to be mnemonic, making them surprisingly easy to incorporate into your daily coding routines.

  • Acronym Shortcuts: Most of the snippet shortcuts are simple, memorable abbreviations of the expressions they represent. This means you don't have to memorize complex codes. You'll find it intuitive and quick to remember.
  • Cheat Sheet: The package includes a cheat sheet that presents all the shortcuts along with the snippet templates. This cheat sheet provides an overview of what's at your disposal, making it easy to discover and use the snippets.
  • Grouping into categories: All snippets are grouped into categories based on their context usage or similarity. This categorization not only helps you discover relevant snippets faster but also aids in learning by providing a structured approach to their usage.

No more repetitive typing or searching for code examples. With our mnemonic and user-friendly code snippets, you'll be coding smarter and faster in no time, making your development efficient and enjoyable.

Productivity Boost Snippets in action

Main features:

  • Works with Resharper and Rider
  • Covers the most common aspects of C# programming
  • Mnemonic nature makes it easy to remember and use right away
  • Easy to customize and adjust to your needs
  • Automatically includes all required namespaces
  • Context-aware suggestions for placeholder values
  • An invaluable asset for seasoned coders as well as beginners.
  • Great for self-coding, pair programming, and live demos

Invest in Your Coding Future

When you purchase Productivity Boost Snippets, you receive:

  • Dotsettings file with a collection of over 150+ code snippets
  • A Handy Cheat Sheet PDF: All available snippets and shortcuts showcased for quick learning.
  • Instruction on how to import snippets to Resharper and Rider
  • End User License Agreement (EULA)

Cheat Sheet

Productivity Boost Snippets package includes a high-quality PDF with a complete list of all snippets. It presents shortcuts, descriptions, and a preview of the snippet. You can print it and use it for a quick start.

All snippets are nicely organized into 27 categories related to the context usage

  • Productivity Boost - Async Functions
  • Productivity Boost - Async Methods
  • Productivity Boost - AsyncAwait
  • Productivity Boost - Conditions
  • Productivity Boost - Conditions For Collections
  • Productivity Boost - Conditions For Dictionary
  • Productivity Boost - Conditions For String
  • Productivity Boost - Constants
  • Productivity Boost - Events
  • Productivity Boost - Exceptions
  • Productivity Boost - Expressions
  • Productivity Boost - Functions
  • Productivity Boost - Iteration
  • Productivity Boost - Logging
  • Productivity Boost - Method Parameters
  • Productivity Boost - Methods
  • Productivity Boost - Properties For Collections
  • Productivity Boost - Properties For Primitives
  • Productivity Boost - Return For Collections
  • Productivity Boost - Return For Strings
  • Productivity Boost - Return For Tuples
  • Productivity Boost - Return values
  • Productivity Boost - Specialized Properties
  • Productivity Boost - Testing NUnit
  • Productivity Boost - Testing xUnit
  • Productivity Boost - Types
  • Productivity Boost - Variables

End User License Agreement

When you purchase "Productivity Boost Snippets", you receive a non-exclusive, non-transferable license for a single user. What's great is that you can use it on as many computers as you want. However, please remember that the license is yours alone and cannot be shared with others. You're also free to adjust and modify code snippets as needed. A complete license agreement can be found here.

You will get the following files:
  • PDF (911KB)
  • PDF (2MB)
  • TXT (3KB)